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Available Jobs:

All jobs target individuals who are highly creative and innovative in one or more of the below domains and who can bring unique and competitive ideas to the table.

  • Machine Learning Developers: Ideally, having experience implementing Neural Networks with any of the following technologies: Tensor Flow, Google ML Engine, AML, Accord.Net, Apache Mahoot, Shogun, Apache Singa, Apache Spark, PyTorch, or other competitive technologies. Familiarity with Algorithm Shift and ML Bias is desirable.


  • Altcoin Developers: Cryptocurrency development (C++) and security.

  • Blockchain Developers:  Desired skills include those related to Smart Contracts, Cryptography, Blockchain Architecture, Data Structures, Web Development, and Consensus Protocols. Also desirable is an understanding of Sharding and Forkless Upgrades in a Blockchain Context..


  • Crypto & Financial Exchange Experts and Developers

  • Executive: This role targets individuals who have made a known contribution to any of the above domains.

  • Mathematician and/or Theoretical Physicist

If interested, please provide a description of your background and/or resume, to the below email address:

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